Root Canal Treatment

A healthy lifestyle depends on protecting your teeth, yet there are various problems you could run into when it comes to dental care. This is especially true of a tooth's nerve supply. In order to stop further long-term harm from occurring if the pulp becomes infected or wounded, Smile Hub Dental Clinic specialises in root canal treatment (RCT).

What exactly is root canal treatment?

When tooth pulp becomes infected due to damage or decay, root canal treatment is required.

Why is having a root canal treatment important?

If the pulp develops an infection, it may travel via the tooth's root canal system and result in an abscess. Without RCT, the infection spreads and the tooth may need to be removed.

Are root canal procedures painful?

No. Utilizing a local anaesthetic, the procedure should be as comfortable as getting a regular filling.

What is the course of treatment?

The purpose of the procedure is to clean up the root canal of any infection. Following that, the root is cleaned and filled to stop any future infection. The root canal process requires talent and takes time. The majority of treatment plans call for two or more trips to the dentist. The contaminated pulp is eliminated at the initial appointment. This is also the moment to drain any abscesses that may be present. The root canal is then prepared for the filling by being cleansed and contoured. The tooth is given a temporary filling and allowed to settle. When all of the infection has disappeared, the tooth is checked again and given a permanent filling.

What will the condition of my teeth be following treatment?

A root-filled tooth would frequently discolour after treatment in the past. Modern methods, nevertheless, generally prevent this from happening. Several treatments are available to restore the natural appearance if there is any discoloration.

What if it occurs once more?

Typically, root canal therapy has excellent results. The remedy can be repeated, nevertheless, if the infection returns.

What if I choose not to receive treatment?

The tooth can be extracted as a substitute. It is not advised to keep an infected tooth in the mouth since once the pulp is damaged, it cannot heal. Even while some people would rather have their teeth removed, it is typically advisable to preserve as many of your natural teeth as you can.

After the procedure, will the tooth be secure?

Yes. To provide the tooth more reinforcement and strength, it is preferable to repair it with a crown.

What location is the treatment done in?

Your dentist will be glad to perform the common dental operation of a root canal on you.


The same care should be taken with root-treated teeth as with any other tooth. Never forget to brush your teeth, especially with fluoride toothpaste, at least once a day. Reduce your intake of sugary snacks and, if you can, save them for mealtimes only. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.

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