Dental Exam €50

Private Exam & Scale & Polish €100

PRSI Exam & PRSI Scale And Polish €15

Upgrade PRSI Scale & Polish To An Air Polish Dental Cleaning €30

Oral Cancer Screening Free


Intra-Oral X-Ray €20

OPG X-Ray €50

X-Ray Referral €100

Dental Cleanings:

Routine Scale & Polish €50

Scale And Brightening Air-Polish (Severe Staining) €90

Composite Review Polish Appointment €90

Deep Cleaning With Local Anaesthetic (Per Session) €250

Periodontal(Gum) Re-Evaluation €50

Dental Hygienist Scale & Air Polish Brightening Cleaning €100

Fissure Sealants €50

Fluoride Application €20

Dental Fillings:

White Fillings (Composite) €95-€200

Silver Fillings (Amalgam) €95-€200

Temporary Filling €100

Composite/Cosmetic/Edge Bonding €350 - €400

ICON White Spot Removal Treatment €300

Cosmetic Smile Design:

Digital Smile Design (2 Visits) €300

Mini Smile Makeover Consultation €50

Composite Veneers €350 - €400


Porcelain Veneers €1,000


Prosthodontist Consultation €150

Recement Crown €170

Rebond Veneer €170

Rebond Post-Core Crown €170

Recement Bridge €170

Recement/Re-Screw Implant Crown €250

Aesthetic Porcelain Inlay/Onlay €1,000 - €1,200

Zirconia Ceramic Crown(Molar Tooth) €1200 - €1400

Porcelain Fused To Metal (Molar Tooth) €1200 - €1400

High Aesthetic Porcelain Crown (Front Tooth) €1200 - €1400

Dental Implant Crown €1,500

Essix With Acrylic Teeth €450

Teeth Whitening Treatments:

Whitening Consultation €50

Whitening Gels Refill €90

At-Home Whitening Trays And Professional Whitening Gels €350

Internal Tooth Whitening (Includes Two Visits) €350

Philip's Laser Zoom In-Clinic €500

Premium Enlighten Whitening €800

Philip's Laser Zoom! In-Clinic And At Home Whitening Trays €800

Nervous Adult Patient Consultation:

Conscious Sedation Consultation €50

Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation €450

Root Canal Treatment (With Microscope):

Front Teeth €700

Premolar €800

Molar €1200

Composite Core Build-Up €300

Post &Core €300

Conscious Sedation is available for Root Canal Treatments in Nervous Patients

Root Canal Re-Treatment (With Microscope):

Front Tooth Re-Treatment €1,300

Premolar Tooth Re-Treatment €1,400

Molar Tooth Re-Treatment €1,500

Tooth Extraction:

Routine Extraction €150-€250

Complex Or Surgical Extraction €250-€450

Upper Wisdom Tooth Removal €400

Lower Wisdom Tooth Removal €450

Socket/Ridge Preservation €650

Conscious Sedation is available for nervous patients undergoing dental extractions


Resin Retained Maryland Adhesive Bridge From €2,000

Porcelain Fused To Metal Conventional Bridge From €2,500 - €3,500

Dental Implant Treatment:

Dental Implant Consultation €100

Single Tooth Implant Surgical Placement (Stage 1) €1,600

Single Tooth Implant Crown Restoration (Stage 2) €1,600

Bone Graft €700 - €1500

Atraumatic Tooth Removal And Socket Preservation For Dental Implant €700


Immediate Partial Acrylic Denture €700

Acrylic Denture €1500

Valplast Denture €1500

Cobalt Chrome Denture (Superior Fit) €2,500

Denture Chairside Reline €400

Adult Orthodontics:

Clear Brace Consultation €50

Invisalign Consultation €50

Invisalign Go €3,999

Invisalign Full €4,999

Fixed Clear Braces For Upper And Lower Teeth (Six Months Smiles) €3,999

Inman Aligner(3 Months Brace) €2,700

Fixed Retainer €350

Removable Retainer (Essix) €250

Repair Fixed Retainer €90

Half Price At-Home Whitening Treatments are Offered to Patients following Orthodontic Treatment at Smile Hub


Sports Guard Or Mouth Guard €350

Night-Splint For Grinding Or Clenching €350

Masseter Botox For Grinding/Clenching €300

Anti-Snoring Device €650

Our Services


Dental Implants

An implant is a small screw placed where a tooth is missing to provide long-lasting platform for the replacement of the missing teeth.

Denture Repair


Dentures are prosthetic appliances created to replace missing teeth. Dentures are held in or supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues in the mouth.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Many teeth with gum disease can be treated and maintained for many years with regular supportive care and good plaque control, according to research.



Endodontics, also known as root canal therapy, is the process of saving teeth by removing an infection from within the tooth.



At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we use the latest digital technology to provide safe, discreet and reliable orthodontic treatments for our patients.

Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

Fear is the main reason why most adults put off going to the dentist.

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